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Scrap Your Car auction use simplified vehicle condition grading system. The grades (car ratings) help Buyers/Importers to understand overall condition of a car to make their decision to bid or not to bid. Different auction houses may use their own grading a principle that is why we recommend using auction grade only as an approximate indicator of car condition.

Scrap a car auction Gradings

Grade 6+ Excellent condition and no repair work needed at all. Can be considered nearly as good as a new car. Usually under 3 years old cars and less than 10000 kilometers
Grade 5 Excellent condition and no repair work needed. Near perfect condition. Any age car but less than 50000 kilometers
Grade 4.5 Excellent condition with some minor usually polishable scratches, or near perfect condition with more than 50000 kilometers.
Grade 4 Very good condition. The vehicle may have some scratches or dents and thus require some repair work.
Grade 3.5 Good Condition. Some repair work is required or could be a higher grade car but with mileage higher than average.
Grade 3 Below average condition. Repair work on the car body or to the mechanical parts is required.
Grade 2 Poor condition. A major and likely very expensive repair work is required either to the body or mechanical parts.
Grade 1 Heavily modified, debased or affected car (submerged, damaged from salt, etc.)
Grade 0.0 A1-A5 The vehicle has accident history. The higher the number indicates how bad the condition of the car.
R The vehicle had an accident and was repaired or repainted.
RA The vehicle had serious accident and been repaired.
*** The vehicle is damaged or in a very poor condition. No claim, no return. This vehicle can be used only for its parts.

Interior Condition Grades

Interior grade Condition
Grade A Very good to excellent condition
Grade B Good interior condition, normal wear. Some minor blemishes are possible
Grade C Average condition of a used car. The seats and carpets have some wear and tear
Grade D Below average interior condition. Worn seats and carpets, multiple stains and/or damage.